Deck of Fate

Umbral Passage – Picture of a Skraeling
Gift from the Void – Picture of Treasure
Dance of Bones – Picture of a tribal dancing with bones
Echoes of the Past – Swirled Picture of a vision of the Drake Borne
Muse of Insight – Picture of Jaren having an idea
The Gatekeeper – Picture of the desk/cards in Death’s Realm
Hymn of the Seven – Picture of Aethys and 6 other dragons

Fate’s Gambit – Game of dice with bone dice
Catalyst of Change – [[Shadar-Kai]] Broodmother – (Changes character’s class)
Dire Consequences – Giant Sea Serpent attacking the ships
Mortal Combat – Two beings fighting to the death
Abyssal Task – White portal with spectral insectoids
Dark Whispers – Demon from portal
Spoils of War – Picture of boxes of stuff from warehouse

Shadow of Doubt – Shadow cast over the 5 in the party
Impending Doom – Zaetar in the Toras’ body
Tribute of the Fallen – Ark being carried by black cloaked figures
Debt of Souls – Picture of Pel praying
Immaculate Accord – Ancient writings of glowing white light
Call of the Abyss – Portal to the nether, with a hand coming out of it
The Demon Within – Picture of Dareth, and Eleazer in the reflection

Gift of the Phoenix – Picture of the Phoenix flying
Leora’s Kiss – Glimmersong, with red lipstick and a reflection of a women in the blade
The All Seeing – Glowing eye in a pyramid
Total Eclipse – Eclipse
Dream Cache – Ornate Dream Box
Call of the Wyld – Changer leaving with Wyld Elves
Rhyme of the Changeling – Pel coming through portal
The Grim Reaper – Picture of Death carrying the Scythe
The Artist – Picture of Hex

Deck of Fate

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