Requiem's Past

Session 5


That night, sheltering in the mage’s guild, Willian and I are on watch when I sense someone outside and want to go out—he objects and even tries to tackle me when I head for the door. He hits his head and passes out, but seems to think something else has happened and talks about a “gold flash.” My head won’t stop hurting and in the morning my eyes turn gold. A vision sweeps over me: Two dead guards lie on the floor, wearing black & red. The Drake Borne say “The captain will be pleased,” and watch Willian charge forward and hit an invisible wall. Nobody knows what to make of this.

Spire Reformed!/Golden Rune

After puzzling out the Book’s answer, we reassemble the Spire. We ask the Book if we should give the Spire to the Drake Borne, but it basically tells us the choice is ours (who could have guessed): Prophecy 3. Outside, we find a gold rune drawn on the rear wall of the mage’s guild; when Willian touches it, it glows but nothing happens. When I approach I hear whispers in a strange language—the belt doesn’t help me understand them, though we recognize the language as Draconic. The whispers grow louder, then stop as I touch the rune, which glows again. A metallic-colored Drake Borne with a blue cloak is watching us, but disappears before we can reach him.

Drevington, We Choose You (to go after)

On the fleet’s docks, we learn that Jaren was arrested…and oh, yeah, we’re all still wanted by the guards. (Drake Borne didn’t clear that up like they said they did!) We take refuge in the shady part of town; Krull introduces us to Jalnor Bladeshadow, a guard on Drevington’s ship. There’s a room no one is allowed to enter and, hah, their uniforms have just been changed to black & red today. Jalnor will help us sneak onto the ship at night. We show Krull the Spire—though he says it’s not like the picture (the picture? where?) we should give it to the Drake Borne and tell him it’s from him & the debt is cancelled. At Krull’s advice, I start taking valerian for my headaches.

Priests & Liars

At the Temple of Argandris, we find the priest recovering from an attack by a silver Drake Borne (who he says can’t be a real Drake Borne, they’re not that color) while waiting for our blue friends—his attacker called him a liar. He is able to reveal draconic runes on the Spire (“Argandrion—Brood of Argandris,” “Close, but not,” “Transformation”) but reports that it is dormant and must be awakened to have true power.

Drevington’s Ship

The time comes…we put on our false uniforms, manage to wrangle Eleazar’s dog into a crate, and bluff our way onto the ship with Jalnor’s help. The room we want is five levels down; we make it to level 4 and hear combat from below. We force the hatch, and discover Drevington and several troops of guards fighting the Drake Borne, who are using some kind of mirror effect. We prevail, almost killing Drevington, but at the last moment a lackey activates a red gem and he is teleported away. We search the deck—many doors—and Sorroway! He’s lying on the floor unconscious, with a badly broken leg. Willian goes in to get him, but can’t leave again…this seems so familiar… More guards are coming, and Drevington will return; the Drake Borne take one of us away (Eleazar) and disguise the door to help the rest of us hide. Drevington knows we are there but can’t find the door—he orders the hatches sealed. He says he can’t kill Sorroway because of “The Rules,” but will leave him there to die.

Mirror Maze (It’s a trap!)

We consider lighting a fire to escape (by burning the ship down with us in it) and all manner of gnomish constructions, but end up exploring the maze (interconnected chambers with one-way mirror passages and strange reflections). My head is hurting again, and my eyes are glowing gold, but I’m strangely not tired… In one mirror I see myself, but all gold and with claws—I ask her who she is, and she replies “I am not human and you are not drake.” Eventually we find the exit! And fight up to deck 4! Where we are trapped!



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