Requiem's Past

Session 4

Spire-ing Out of Control

To Wharf 16, seeking more information: the two thieves guilds, the Order of Shadows and the Dark Web (Krull’s guild) are feuding over the “rights” to Aaridon. (Probably just their cause of the moment?) Krull wants a broken staff held in the Order of Shadow’s warehouse—advises we get magical reinforcement for the effort (no hard feelings, Teryx). Conveniently, we run into the Drake Borne, who return Eleazar’s dog and offer arcane help on out raid in exchange for getting to ask the Book how to reform the Spire of Aethys (the broken staff, something taken from their people (?)). On our own, we pose this question to the Book: Prophecy 2. The Book’s purple pages darken slightly.

At the Pier 8 Warehouse: much ado, then FIGHT. We give the Drake Borne the Book’s answer. They tell us that Aethys was the father of the Drake Borne; the Spire is an ancient key which opens a tower, but where, or whether on this continent or Aaridon, they don’t know. They were asked to retrieve it to keep it out of the wrong hands (?); they’ll pay us to reassemble the Spire.



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