Requiem's Past

Session 3


In the morning we go to check on the priest’s progress and find the temple door locked. Suspicious, Willian and I break in through the roof—ugh!—the priest has been murdered & staked to the door. The Book is still there, though with many pages torn out; we grab it and narrowly avoid the guards coming in. Outside, Teryx and Eleazer see something slip into the neighboring Temple of Argandris, where the priest & guard were paralyzed as a tall blue figure disappeared into a mirror, leaving some sand on the floor. Teryx arouses the guards suspicions while trying to distract them; Eleazer merely turns into a wolf and charges into the murder scene, where the body has slid from the door to reveal the bloody message “HE LIED TO YOU.” (Party members currently wanted by the law = 2, and not me, HA!) Eleazer evades arrest, but his hapless dog is sent to the pound/held for questioning (you can never tell with druids), as is Teryx (well, not the pound part). Espionage ensues—I end up with Teryx (and several false beards) at the Broken Stag Inn, near the docks.

Shady Docks & Warehouses

That evening, we find ourselves loitering on Wharf 16, where we’ve heard the dark elves come ashore. (Where did we first learn about the dark elves’ presence? Sorroway’s mate Jaren, told you about another ship, the Elven ship) A “shadowy figure” (Krull) sells us information on Sorroway’s disappearance that leads us to a black warehouse on Pier 8 just in time to see a laden procession enter. We wait until they come out (sigh, sans loot), fight them and escape a fireball just in time. Our one prisoner speaks a strange language; via the belt, we get him to exchange a map to his boss’ ship for his freedom. The map leads to the dock between Drevington and North’s ships.

Way of Sorrow

Back in Sorroway’s office, Jaren admits Sorroway has been missing for two weeks. His ship will be sold to Dresden in two days unless he reappears. Sorroway was carrying items for the Church of Rapture—which, incidentally, are the stolen goods. Also, Sorroway was friendly with Captain North.



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